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The City Council

The present Council consists of 67 elected members representing 11 political parties.

The City Council's meetings are held once a month, usually the last Wednesday of each month, and are open to the public.

The present Council was elected on the 9. September 2019 and consists of 67 members representing the following 11 political parties or lists:

The Conservative Party (Høyre) 14 members

The Labour Party (Ap) 13 members

People’s Action – No to More Road Tolls (FNB) 11 members

The Norwegian Green Party (MDG) 7 members

The Socialist Left Party (SV) 6 members

The Centre Party (SP) 4 members

The Liberal Party (V) 3 members

The Red Party (Rødt) 3 members

The Progress Party (FrP) 3 members

The Christian Democratic Party (KrF) 2 members

The Pensioners Party (Pp) 1 member

Most of the members of the City Council are assigned to a standing committee each of which has its own specialized field of responsibility. The committees are responsible for preparing propositions and report to the City Council.

The four Standing Committees are:

  • The Standing Committee on Finance, Culture Affair and Business Development
  • The Standing Committee on Education and Sports
  • The Standing Committee on Health and Social Affairs
  • The Standing Committee on Environmental and Urban Development