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The Youth City Council

Established in 2008, the Bergen Youth City Council aims to involve youth in Bergen in political decisions concerning them, and making their voices heard.

The Youth City Council Administration
Bergen City Hall
P.o.box 7700
N-5020 Bergen

Phone +47 5556 6404/5233

E-mail ungdommens.bystyre@bergen.kommune.no

The City Council established the Bergen Youth City Council (YC) in June 2007. The YC held its first constitutive meeting January 30th, 2008.

The YC aims to represent all children and young people in Bergen, and make sure that they are heard in matters that concern them. The YC is a politically neutral body of participation in Bergen, consisting of representatives from the city's primary and secondary schools.

By participating in decision-making processes, young people gain a possibility to influence the decisions made by the City Council. The YC will also contribute to a general awareness among other children and young people about their opportunities to influence the world they live in.

Members of the YC are assigned to a standing committee each having its own specialized field of responsibility. The committees prepare propositions and report to the Youth City Council. The three standing committees are:

  • The Standing Committee on Cultural Affairs, Sports and Health
  • The Standing Committee on Adolescence and Education
  • The Standing Committee on Environmental Affairs and Urban Development