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Culture for everybody
Culture for everybody
Bilde: Tor Erik H. Mathiesen

Culture for everybody

Children, Youth, Students, Amateurs.....

Children and young people

Barnas kulturhus is the development agent for children. It creates programs, projects and festivals, and runs the Bergen part of the national school arts program “Den kulturelle skolesekken” and the local kindergarten program “Den kulturelle bæremeisen”. The Local culture offices of the city provide arenas and develop youth programs based on partnership with the relevant groups. The Signatur II program for teenagers is entrepreneurial in profile.

All the cities institutions run programs for the young. Midi Mini Maxi (theatre) is the largest of the festivals. Corner Theatre is a new children and young people’s theatre from 2011.

The Cities Art and music school has students in all the arts. Specialist schools include Bergen dansesenter (dance) and Vestlandske teatersenter (theatre).

www.bergen.kommune.no/barnaskuturhus, www.teatersenter.no www.bergen-dansesenter.no www.bergen.kommune.no/kulturskolen

Student culture

Bergen's 30 000 students are a major audience element, and a source of cultural activity. Det Akademiske Kvarter is the most important venue and network point. Kulturstyret is the student policy organ that finances student culture.

www.hulen.no, www.kvarteret.no, www.kulturstyret.no, www.samfunnet.uib.no, www.prosopopeia.b.uib.no

Amateur culture

The locals sing in choirs, play in bands and orchestras, organize events, meet and discuss and in general form a broad and active culture of amateurs and activists. The city provides financing, arenas and competence. The amateur culture council is the network node, as well as the cities local cultural offices.