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Visual and Electronic Art

Visual Arts

There is national recognition for the excitement in Bergen’s growing visual arts scene. Important galleries are Bergen Kunsthall, Galleri Format (specialized arts), Galleri 3,14 (non western contemporary art) and the project oriented Hordaland kunstsenter and Visningsrommet USF, in addition to contemporary exhibitions at the Art Museums of Bergen. Important groups of artist's spaces/ curators/ workshops include Kulturhuset USF, Bergen Kjøtt, Flaggfabrikken, S12, Entrée, Knipsu, TagTeam and Trykkeriet. The biannual B-Open is an atelier based festival. An international triennial is being planned.

www.kunsthall.no, www.usf.no, www.format.no/bergen.cfm, www.stiftelsen314.com, www.b-open.no, www.s12.no, www.gallerise.no, www.kunstsenter.no, www.entree-visningsrom.blogspot.com, www.flaggfabrikken.net, www.Tag-Team.no, www.trykkerietbergen.no, www.langegaarden.no

Electronic art

Electronic and new media arts are gaining in strength. BEK Bergen Center for Electronic Arts is the network and production node. Lydgalleriet and the label +3db records specialise in sound-based art. Piksel is an international festival and organisation for electronic art and technological freedom and Landmark an important presentation arena. Festivals mentioned under pop and classical music include electronic art.

www.bek.no, www.piksel.no, www.kunsthall.no/landmark, www.lydgalleriet.no, www.plus3db.net