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Theatre and Dance

Theatre, Opera and contemporary dance

Contemporary institutions include the Bergen international theatre BIT Teatergarasjen, the national contemporary dance ensemble Carte Blanche and independent ensembles and producers. Europe’s currently most played dramatist, Jon Fosse, is based in Bergen.

Den Nye Opera is the major opera. Bergen is home to two traditional theatres, Den Nationale Scene where Ibsen got his start, and the regional Hordaland teater that uses Norway’s second written language Nynorsk. Commercial theatres are concentrated at Ole Bulls square.

Proscen is the network organization for the performing arts. Flagship festivals include Oktoberdance and Meteor (theater). Music festivals also include theatre and dance.

www.proscen.no, www.carteblanche.no, www.bit-teatergarasjen.no, www.leopreston.org, www.transiteatret.com, www.noncompany.no, www.winterguests.com, www.dns.no, www.hordaland-teater.no, www.olebullsecene.no, www.standupbergen.no