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Concert at Hulen
Concert at Hulen

Film, Fashion and Festivals

Film and Cinema, Fashion and Design, Festivals....

Film and cinema

The Bergen region has a growing cluster of film production companies producing commercials, corporate films, shorts, documentaries and feature films. The Western Norway Film Centre provides support and networks, Fuzz invests in audiovisual productions and the Western Norway Film Commission assists with locations.

Bergen Cinema has 18 digital theatres, Cinemateket and Bergen film club focus on historical and artistic films. BIFF Bergen international film festival is the largest film festival, with both feature film and a major documentary focus. Nordic Panorama for film professionals takes place in Bergen every five years.

www.vestnorskfilm.no, www.fuzz.no, www.wnfc.no, www.bergenkino.no, www.biff.no, www.cinemateket-usf.no, www.Bergen-filmklubb.no, www.nordiskpanorama.com, www.bug.no, www.filmkollektivet.no, www.flimmerfilm.no,

Fashion and design

Western Norway has a design tradition connected to furniture that is again growing. Dale of Norway, Oleanna and Janus are continuing successes in high end wool knit with world markets; maritime design is the third area of export led design. The Bergen region also has strong clusters within graphic design. The Bergen fashion week, Raff Design, was arranged in 2010. Design Region Bergen is the network node.

www.raffdesign.no, www.oleana.no, www.dale.no, www.janus.no, www.haltenbanken.com, www.grandpeople.no, www.maritimecolours.no

Festival city

High quality festivals are an important part of cultural life, with particular concentrations in May and in October. The city districts and most interest groups have local festivals, spread throughout the warmer 2/3 of the year. The festivals are presented under the most relevant genre.