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Students at the Writing Academy
Students at the Writing Academy
Bilde: Geir Dillan

Literature, Media and Research

Literature and Text, Media, Education and Research...

Literature and text

Bergen is the home to a community of nationally known authors and a small publishing industry. Litteraturhuset (House of Literature) is an arena for literature, culture and debate, as well as housing an independent bookstore. Important literary festivals are Audiatur (poetry), Forfattersleppet (new authors), Festspillforfatter (single festival author) and Raptus (comics). Poesidigg presents poetry events at different venues every month. Bergen has a full range of public and research libraries that also presents a wide program of literary events and debates.

bergenbibliotek.no, www.litthusbergen.no, www.forfattersentrum.no, www.skrivekunst.no, www.audiatur.no, www.raptus.no, www.vigmostadbjorke.no, www.mangschou.no, www.facebook.com/poesidigg/,


Bergen is the base for Norway's commercial broadcaster TV2, and a regional facility of the Norwegian Broadcasting Company NRK. Bergen has regional and local newspapers, magazines and a number of radio stations. The Nordic Media Festival takes place in May.

Media City Bergen was officially opened in 2017 and is a leading, international hub for media and technology innovation, with the cluster Media Innovation Lab and a startup lab forming the core of the innovation and research projects for the cluster and cluster partners. The Norwegian media cluster has evolved into an exciting international environment with Vizrt, Vimond, Mediability, Sixty, Highsoft, TV 2, NRK, Bergens Tidende, BA and The University of Bergen as key players.

Education and research

The University of Bergen has full range of art historical institutes and aesthetic studies, in addition to media studies, film and TV production. The Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design is a leading cultural institution and the operator of the national doctoral program for visual arts and design, as well as the Grieg Academy of Music. Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) has established academic programs connected to children and the arts. Other colleges include Skrivekunstakademiet (creative writing) and the Bergen School of Architecture.

kmd.uib.no, www.bas.org, www.skrivekunst.no, www.uib.no, www.hvl.no www.studybergen.no