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The silver treasure
The silver treasure

Museums and Venues

Museums and heritage, venues and cultural quarters...

Museums and heritage

Bergen has been an important Nordic port for a thousand years. The city centre is a major historical monument defined by fires and a tradition of wooden architecture, containing The Bryggen UNESCO world heritage site.

Bergen’s museums are organized in five multidisciplinary concerns; the public meets the sector in the form of more than two dozen physical museums. Some of the most important are Historisk Museum (strengths in pre history and medieval art), the open air Gamle Bergen (city) and Hordamuseet (rural), the Hanseatic Museum, the Norwegian Museum of fisheries and the Bergen Maritime Museum. Edvard Griegs home of Troldhaugen is one of several museums connected to artists, the Leprosy Museum and the connected UNESCO Memory of the World is an international monument, other museums are the Natural History Museum, the Bergen aquarium, the Vil Vite science centre. Salhus trikotasjemuseum is a complete historical factory and society.

The sea is the central thread in Bergen's history. The tall ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl is the flagship of the sailing fleet. Bergen was the centre of the world’s largest local and regional shipping system, a fleet of veteran skips from this era includes the steamships Oster and Stord I. The Sandviksboder Coastal Culture Centre is the network and support organization for the sector.

www.bergenartmuseum.no, www.bymuseet.no, www.bm.uib.no, www.bsj.uib.no, www.akvariet.com, www.museumvest.no, www.muho.no, www.lehmkuhl.no, www.fjordabaaten.no

Venues and cultural quarters

Bergen has a full range of production and performance facilities and supporting services.

The area from Lille Lungegårdsvann to Den Nationale Scene contains art museums, Grieghallen concert hall, the central Library, a commercial theatre district at Ole Bull Square and the art and music academies.

The west side of Nordnes is home to USF arts centre and Studio Bergen, which is the homevenue of Carte Blanche. The area has the highest concentration of artist's spaces and creative industries, and 4 theatre/ concert venues. In 2015, a feasibility study concluded that Bergen's old bathhouse and swimming pool, Sentralbadet, is very suitable for performing arts purposes. The intention is that BIT Teatergarasjen will move into Sentralbadet together with Carte Blance and as a result become a prominent venue for dance and theatre, together with Carte Blanche.

In recent years, artists and creative industries have also moved into run down areas to the south and northeast of the city centre and revitalized several venues and buildings with innovative and creative content.

2013 saw the opening of a new theatre venue, Cornerteateret, at Møhlenpris. The venue has been a welcome addition to the performing arts scene in Bergen, offering both production and performance facilities to independent companies and artists. Cornerteateret has also played a vital part in the revitalization of Møhlenpris as a central part of the city.

www. Bit-teatergarasjen.no, www.carteblanche.no, www.logen-teater.no, www.usf.no, www.grieghallen.no