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Ung Symfoni at the Tokya Opera
Ung Symfoni at the Tokya Opera
Bilde: Magne Åsnes


Classical Music, Rock, Pop and Electronica, Jazz, Brass and Traditional Music

Classical music

Ensembles stretch in period focus from Bergen Barokk to the contemporary BIT20 ensemble, with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra as the largest and oldest. Bergen domkor and Edvard Grieg Kor are the major voice ensembles. The Bergen cathedral music is the most important node in church music. Ensembles and artists, like the pianist Leif Ove Andsnes, regularly tour abroad, and are part of international projects.

Important festivals include the contemporary Borealis and Norway's most important festival The Bergen International Festival.

www.kirkemusikkibergen.no, www.barokk.no, www.fib.no, www.borealisfestival.no, www.griegfestival.no

Rock, pop and electronica

Over the last 15 years a number of Bergen groups have succeeded internationally in metal, club and electronic music. Currently there is a revival in Norwegian language hip hop and rock, in addition to major international artists such as Kygo, Alan Walker, Aurora and Sigrid. Festivals include Ekko (elektronica), Bergenfest (rock and roots) and Vill, Vill Vest (showcase). A growing number of independent labels ensure international sales. Brak is the network organization and development agency.

www.brak.no, www.garage.no, www.bergenfest.no, www.bergenlive.no, www.karismarecords.no, www.made.no, http://beyondthegates.no/



Jazz clubs are active year-round; Bergen Jazz forum is the largest. The Western Norway Jazz Centre is also the national centre for Norwegian jazz abroad and secretariat for the Europe Jazz Network. Nattjazz is the most important festival.

www.bergenjazzforum.no, www.nattjazz.no


The professional Norwegian Army Band Bergen is the major ensemble; four elite bands and the Norwegian Band Federation are also based here.


Traditional music

Norwegian folk music is based around Ole Bull akademiet, Bondeungdomslaget and the regional folk musicians. The last 30 years has seen other traditions established, often connected to the Bergen International Culture House. The Caleidoscope ensemble (Fargespill) is a nationally known cross-cultural youth group.

www.fargespill.no, www.bergen.ungdomslag.no,