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Brussels representation

Bergen is represented in Brussels through the West Norway Office

Director Merete Mikkelsen

West Norway Office
Norway House,
17 Rue Archimède,
B-1000 Brussels,
telephone: +32 2 2850000, fax: +32 2 2850002,
e-mail: post@west-norway.no


West Norway Office is one of the six Norwegian regional offices located in Brussels.

The office's vision is to be an efficient, accessible, visible and useful tool to promote the members’ interests and to define West Norway as a region with strong economical and cultural ties.

West Norway Office JSC, is owned by the West Norway Office Foundation, which currently has 20 members.

The members are mostly municipalities (Austevoll, Austrheim, Balestrand, Bergen, Eidfjord, Fedje, Fjaler, Gloppen, Haram, Høyanger, Jølster, Kvam, Samnanger, Voss and Øygarden , but there are also three County Councils (Hordaland, Sogn & Fjordane og Møre & Romsdal), a private business park Botnaneset industriselskap and an energy company (BKK).

The office is located in the Norway House, situated opposite the European Commission and close to other EU institutions in the centre of Brussels. As the name suggests, they share building with several other Norwegian establishments, such as the Norwegian mission to the EU and the Norwegian Embassy in Belgium.