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Do you need general information about taxes in Norway and the municipal property tax in Bergen?

In Norway income tax ("inntektsskatt") and wealth tax ("formuesskatt") are direct taxes ("direkte skatter"). Income tax is paid directly as a percentage of income, whereas wealth tax is a tax on things you own, such as a house, bank deposits etc. Taxes are paid both to the state and the local municipality. In addition, a premium is paid to the social security system to finance public hospitals, medical treatment and various social benefits.

If you need information about tax payments, how to get a tax card, tax treaties between Norway and other states go to the web-site of the Norwegian Tax Administration.

If you live in Bergen and need more detailed advice you can contact the local tax assessment office (skattekontor).

Municipal Property Tax in Bergen
Bergen City Council has decided to extend the municipal property tax also to dwellings. In Bergen the municipal authorities uses the residential property values (capital basis) established by the Tax Administration as a basis for calculating the property tax.

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Important information for private taxpayers

Payment by cash is no longer available from January 1st 2017 at Kemneren. You are now able to use our online payment solution to pay your personal tax claims. You will be able to use either Visa og Mastercard. There will be a transaction fee that will be paid to the credit card company (or credit card issuer).

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Everyone who receives a salary, pension or disability benefit will receive a tax return in April. It presents a summary of your income, deductions, wealth and debt. To make sure you do not pay too much tax, you must check that the information in the tax return is correct.

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