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The City is Bergen

A brief presentation of the municipality of Bergen and its services.

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Facts about Bergen

Short presentation and key figures from the City of Bergen.

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Local Government in Norway

The political system in Norway is based on representative democracy with several political parties.

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New in Norway

Practical information from public agencies.

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Water and the life of the city

Historically, the whole existence of the ‘Shipping city of Bergen’ has been based on water.

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Bergen Smart City

Energy Efficiency

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Cities of the future

Here you can see where Bergen stands in relation to its goal of becoming a greenhouse gas neutral city and the projects which we consider suitable for further development in the “Cities of the Future” collaboration.

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Bergen's Energy and Climate Strategy

Here are the key priorities of the strategy

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Assessment of measures for improved air quality in Bergen

Bergen City Council, decision of 26 January 2015, item no 7-15 ‘Assessment of measures for improved air quality in Bergen’

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