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Assessment of measures for improved air quality in Bergen

Bergen City Council, decision of 26 January 2015, item no 7-15 ‘Assessment of measures for improved air quality in Bergen’

The ‘Action Plan for Cleaner Air in Bergen 2008. Revision of the Action Plan for 2004’ was adopted by Bergen City Council on 26 May 2008. Bergen City Council receives annual status reports on air quality and information about the follow-up of measures in the action plan.

It is a challenge for the City of Bergen to meet requirements intended to ensure that the local population has satisfactory air quality. This applies to nitrogen dioxide (NO2). An important cause of this is a lack of local measures targeting the biggest source of emissions, namely diesel-powered road vehicles.

In the Pollution Regulations, the municipalities are given chief responsibility for preparing an assessment of measures when measurements show that there is a risk of the limit values being exceeded more often than permitted. Pursuant to the Pollution Regulations, the Norwegian Environment Agency (NEA) has instructed the City of Bergen to submit, by 31 December 2014, an assessment report on NO2 in accordance with the requirements of the Pollution Regulations. The assessment of measures and the action plan in this document meet the NEA’s requirements.

The work has been carried out by the Department of Urban Development, Climate and Environmental Affairs, represented by the Climate Section. Norconsult was hired as a consultant in connection with the work and it has been responsible for the design of the report and calculations of effects.

A draft version of the report was submitted to the NEA and the City of Bergen for political consideration. The City Council’s decision of 26 January 2015 has been included in the introduction to this version. The wording of the report has been revised in accordance with the City Council’s decision, and the text has been proofread and updated where relevant.

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