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Coronavirus vaccine - information for the public

The main goal of the coronavirus vaccine is to protect the lives and health of those most at risk for COVID-19 disease.

The vaccination is part of the national coronavirus immunisation programme. The municipalities are responsible for offering coronavirus vaccination to inhabitants in recommended groups. The vaccine is free.

Who will get the vaccine?

Initially, there will not be enough coronavirus vaccine available for everyone in the recommended groups, so it must be given first to those who need it most. The order of priority can change.

Current order of priority: 

  1.  Residents in nursing homes and selected groups of healthcare personnel
  2.  Age 85 years and above and selected groups of healthcare personnel
  3.  Age 75-84 years
  4. Age 65-74 years and people between 18 and 64 years with conditions at high risk of a severe disease course
  5. Age 55-64 years with underlying diseases/conditions
  6. Age 45-54 years with underlying diseases/conditions 
  7. Age 18-44 years with underlying diseases/conditions 
  8. Age 55-64 years
  9. Age 45-54 years 

Read more about the current order of priority at fhi.no

You will be contacted by your doctor or Bergen kommune for vaccination when it is your turn.

FHI has made a quick guide to coronavirus vaccine in different languages