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Information about the COVID-19 vaccine

Citizens in the Municipality of Bergen will be offered a vaccine against the coronavirus disease - COVID-19.

The main goal of the coronavirus vaccine is to protect the lives and health of those most at risk for COVID-19 disease. The vaccine is free, and vaccination is voluntary. 

Vaccination will be carried out in sequence where some groups are given first priority based on age and illnesses. Read more about the current order of priority at fhi.no

Information to students in Bergen.

How does the vaccine work?

The vaccine teaches your body to recognise and protect itself from the coronavirus. The contents of the vaccine rapidly disappear from the body, but the body remembers how to defend itself and fight the virus.

The vaccine has been tested in large clinical trials on many thousands of people. Normal side effects include pain at the injection site, tiredness, bodily aches and pains, shivering and fever. These side effects may be uncomfortable but pass after a few days.

You will receive information when it’s your turn

You may be vaccinated at your GP surgery or a municipal vaccination venue. Your GP or the municipality will contact you when it’s your turn to have the vaccination.

The municipality will send you a letter when your age group can be vaccinated. The letter will be sent by your chosen method for receiving notifications from the public authorities:

Digital post:
You will receive an electronic letter in Digipost or eBoks. You will then receive a message by e-mail or a text message when you receive a letter.

If you have not chosen a digital post box, the letter will be sent via Altinn (where you receive your tax settlement).

Letter in the post
If you do not open the notification in Altinn, it will be sent as a letter in the post after 40 hours. Those who have reserved themselves against digital mail will also receive the vaccination letter in the post.

How to register
The letter will contain a link to a digital form. Here you can register to take the vaccine if you wish to do so. If you have already agreed on vaccination with your GP, you do not need to register.

To use the form, you must have:

  • a registered address in Bergen
  • a Norwegian mobile phone number
  • electronic ID such as BankID or MinID

After you have submitted the form, you will receive a receipt by e-mail confirming that you are in the vaccination queue. You will be given an appointment via a text message once vaccines are available. Please note that it may take a while to get an appointment and you may be called in for vaccination at short notice.

If you receive a letter, but cannot use the digital form, you can telephone the coronavirus hotline on 55 56 77 00 to register.

Relatives cannot register your interest for the vaccine on your behalf, but they can help you with registration.

NB! You cannot register before you receive a letter from the municipality informing you that you are in a vaccination group that is currently being prioritised.

Vaccination venues

Many GPS carry out vaccination at their GP surgery. The municipality vaccinates at the following venues in the boroughs:

  • Sentralbadet
  • Åsanehallen
  • Fana legevakt (A&E) *
  • Arna helseheim *
  • Vadmyrahallen
  • Bergenshallen (in uto week 32).

* Not in use during summer

You can choose the vaccination venue when you register. Please note that you may be given an appointment at another venue if there is no availability at your chosen venue.

VIDEO: HOW TO REGISTER -  For subtitles in English, Polish or Arabic, choose this language option in the meny called "settings" or "innstillinger" on the bottom line of the video window:


Do you have any questions or need help?

Read more about the vaccine and vaccination on the municipality’s website:

You can also telephone the coronavirus hotline on 55 56 77 00.
If you need help with technology, contact the Citizen Service Centre (Innbyggerservice) on telephone no. 55 56 55 56

Helpline in different languages
Do you have any questions about COVID-19? The Directorate of Health's helpline is now available in English, Polish, Arabic, Urdu and Somali.
Call 815 55 015. Read more

Quick guide to coronavirus vaccine
Brief information from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health about the vaccine against COVID-19 (coronavirus) in different languages (videos)