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Information brochures about coronavirus in different languages

Information brochures on coronavirus in five different lanuages are available for reading and printing on our web-pages. The languages are: English, Polish, Somali, Arabic and Tigrinja.

Below you will find the brochure content in English:

Five rules of thumb:

1.            Wash your hands often and thoroughly.

2.            Keep at least a one-metre distance from others.

3.            Stay at home if you are ill.

4.            Limit your social contact.

5.            Follow the quarantine and self-isolation rules.


You will be put into quarantine when you are healthy but have been exposed to infection. Self-isolation is used when you are ill, and it has been confirmed or it is suspected that you have the coronavirus.

  • The following must remain in quarantine for ten days, regardless of whether they are ill or not:

Anyone who has been in close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 and anyone who arrives in Norway from a country with a high infection rate. You must complete the quarantine period even if you take a corona test and it is negative.

  • If you develop symptoms of COVID-19 during the quarantine period, you must self-isolate and take a test. The other members of the household must stay at home in the same way as if they were in quarantine.
  • If your test is positive, you must stay in home isolation for 10 days after you developed symptoms and you must be feverless for at least 24 hours (without taking fever-reducing medications). Other members of the household must take a test and stay in quarantine until your isolation period is over for at least ten days after you tested positive. If they test positive, they must also self-isolate following the rules above.

During the quarantine period, you can mix with the people you live with but no one else.

You must stay on your own during self-isolation and not leave your home or garden.


If you are ill and need medical assistance or have recently developed symptoms such as a cough, breathlessness or a fever, please contact your GP. If your GP is not available, you can telephone the accident and emergency department on 116 117. Always book an appointment in advance, so you do not turn up and infect others. For emergencies, telephone 113. It is recommended that those in the risk groups should contact their GP even with mild symptoms.


Testing is free. Anyone who has recently developed a respiratory infection or has other symptoms of COVID-19 should take a test. Close contacts of those with confirmed infection and those who arrive in Norway from a red country or areas with a high rate of COVID-19 should also take a test.

  • You can take a test at the municipal drop-in test centres at Spelhaugen and in Festplassen, or book a test at the accident and emergency department using the form on our website or by telephoning the corona hotline on 55 56 77 00. The opening hours are subject to change. You can find updated information on our website.
  • While waiting for your test results, you must stay at home to avoid infecting others. Your results will normally be available after 1-2 days on helsenorge.no. If you cannot log in or have not heard anything within three days, telephone the corona hotline on 55 56 77 00 for your results. If you test positive for COVID-19, you will be contacted directly.


If you have a common cold or are ill with respiratory symptoms, you must stay at home until you recover, even if you have taken a corona test and it is negative.


It is an exceedingly difficult time. Do not hesitate to telephone the number below if you are finding it hard and suffering.

Mental health hotline 53 00 55 10.


The infection control rules for Bergen are adapted to the infection rate. You can find the updated rules on our website: www.bergen.kommune.no/coronavirus/languages