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Information to travellers arriving Bergen

Anyone travelling to Norway is required to familiarize themselves with the rules for entry.

National Infection Control Measures from 25th of September

There are some restrictions on who is allowed to travel to Norway.

You can travel to Norway if:

  • You are able to prove via a valid COVID-19 certificate that you have been fully vaccinated or had COVID-19 during the last six months.
  • You are a resident of the EU/EEA, Switzerland, the United Kingdom or a purple country or region, and have stayed there for the last 10 days. See the overview

If you are not covered by one of the two groups above, you must be covered by an exemption in order to travel to Norway. The colour of the country you are travelling from determines whether or not you need to go into travel quarantine and what rules you need to follow when entering Norway. 

What applies to your situation? Read more and see complete overview at helsenorge.no

Testing in Bergen

Testing at the airport and the harbour
Test stations for coronavirus has been established at Bergen lufthavn, Flesland (airport) and Bergen havn (harbour). The teststation at the airport is available for persons arriving Bergen directly from abroad. 

Also remember to take a COVID-19 test if you have been exposed to potential infection during travel in Norway. Testing is free.

Quarantine hotel and entry quarantine  

The main rule is that a 10-day entry quarantine period shall apply from the date of arrival in Norway. It is no longer a requirement to stay at a quarantine hotel, but you may be offered a quarantine hotel if you do not have a suitable place to stay during entry quarantine. More about quarantine, Isolation and Quarantine Hotel Rules here

Travel abroad 

Anyone considering a trip abroad should think carefully about whether it is necessary to travel.

National sites

National site about Coronavirus in different languages HelseNorge.no, and Helsedirektoratet.no, and regjeringen.no

Helpline in different languages

Do you have any questions about COVID-19? The Directorate of Health's helpline is now available in English, Polish, Arabic, Urdu and Somali.
Call 815 55 015Read more

You can also telephone the coronavirus hotline in Bergen on 55 56 77 00 if you need help with testing, illness or other questions.