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Picture from a class room
Bilde: Nina Blågestad

Kindergartens and Schools Will Open Gradually from April 20

In accordance with national determinations, Bergen Municipality will reopen kindergartens on Monday, April 20 and primary schools and SFO for levels 1-4 on Monday April 27.


The reopening also applies to private kindergartens and schools. If there are negative developments in the infection situation, kindergartens and schools could be closed again at short notice.

Home Schooling to Continue for Levels 5-10

Pupils in levels 5 and above will continue to receive home schooling after April 27. It is the goal of the national authorities to have all pupils back in school before the summer.

Children in High-risk Groups

Children in a high-risk group or those who have a family member in the same household who is in a high-risk group will continue to be offered home schooling.

It Will Take Time to Prepare the Reopening

The municipality will spend the time before the kindergartens and schools reopen in implementing necessary infection control measures. Parents and staff will receive further information about this.

Care Provision

We will return with more information as to whether the care provision for children up to 12 years old will continue at the school in which the child is enrolled.  

If There is an Outbreak at a Kindergarten or School

If an infection is confirmed in a pupil or member of staff, the infectious disease control office will contact the kindergarten or school to clarify further measures in collaboration with the director or principal. In such cases, the director or principal must also contact their own department for further follow-up. Parents and other concerned parties will then be given the necessary information directly. 

Infection Symptoms

Symptoms of the illness are the same as those for other respiratory infections: fever, coughing, chest pain, sore throat and difficulty breathing.  The vast majority of those who become infected with coronavirus do not become seriously ill. However, many children can become frightened when they hear about coronavirus. It’s important that you talk to your children and give them fact-based information about the illness and teach them good hand hygiene. It’s also important to keep children at home if they are ill in order to prevent infection.

Coronavirus Information from Bergen Municipality - 

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