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Quarantine, Isolation and Quarantine Hotel Rules

Quarantine and isolation due to the coronavirus. The municipality offers a quarantine hotel and isolation hotel.

When must you go into quarantine and isolation?

  • All close contacts of a person with a confirmed coronavirus infection should as a rule of thumb  complete a 10-day transmission quarantine.
  • You must be in isolation if you have a confirmed coronavirus infection.

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Close contacts and isolation (NIPH)
Entry quarantine and rules upon arrival in Norway (NIPH)
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Quarantine hotel and entry quarantine  

Entry quarantine must be completed in your own home or other suitable accommodation. It is no longer a requirement to stay at a quarantine hotel, but you may be offered a quarantine hotel if you do not have a suitable place to stay during entry quarantine.

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Isolation hotel

The municipality may offer patients, who are unable to isolate in their own home, a stay at isolation hotel. The Rehabilitation and Evaluation Agency determines who meets the requirements. If you need to stay at the isolation hotel, you can inform the person who informed you of the positive test result, the community nursing service or the Rehabilitation and Evaluation Agency.  

Reasons why home isolation cannot be carried out may be that the patient:

  • lives with people who risk serious complications as a result of possible infection.
  • have living conditions that are not very suitable for isolation (for example collectives / large families where household members who are not fully vaccinated must share a bathroom).
  • does not have a permanent address in Bergen.

Stays in isolation hotels are not granted to:

  • Persons infected with Covid-19 living with fully vaccinated household members, with the exception of those living with: People in the risk groups, pregnant women, people over the age of 65 who have received only two doses of corona vaccine and health personnel.
  • Persons infected with Covid-19 who need routine medical supervision.
  • Persons infected with Covid-19 with severe mental illness and / or substance abuse.
  • Persons infected with Covid-19 under the age of18. Children and young people must be isolated in their own homes. If there is an exceptional need to isolate patients under the age of 18 in isolation hotels, they must be isolated together with a parent / guardian. (This applies even if the parent / guardian has not been diagnosed with covid-19). Children and parents / guardians must share a room.

For inquiries about accommodation in isolation hotels, contact the infection tracking team (smittesporing) on telephone 53 00 55 05. 

Who is entitled to a sick note?

If you need a sick note, please telephone your GP. If you do not have a GP, you can contact the Accident and Emergency Department on 116 117. 

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Contact details for questions

Do yu have any questions or need help? Here you can find the contact details for questions about the coronavirus situation  (bergen.kommune.no)

Testing, Symptoms and Medical Assistance for COVID-19 (bergen.kommune.no)