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Bergen is hosting the UCI Road World Championships on 16–24 September 2017 close to the city centre. The roads that are used for racing will be closed to traffic during the races. On this page you will find information about health care, traffic and how to get around.

Questions about the World Cycling Championships in Bergen?

Telephone: + 47 53 03 20 17
Email: innbyggerservice@bergen.kommune.no
Visit: Innbyggerservice, Kaigaten 4

  • The organizer of the World Cycling Championships is Bergen 2017 AS, which is owned by the Norwegian Cycling Federation (NCF).
  • Bergen Municipality is the host municipality, and will assist Bergen 2017 AS prior to and during the event.
  • The World Cycling Championships is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. The championships are broadcast to 300 million TV viewers.


Road closures between 08.30 and 19.00

The map on this page shows which roads will be closed to car and motorcycle traffic, and on which days they will be closed. Pedestrians and bicyclists can cross at crossing points. Guards will permit people to cross when the riders have passed. The estimated waiting time is normally a couple of minutes. The majority of courses will be physically fenced off.

Closures in the downtown core

The area in the middle of the city centre that is marked on the map will be closed to car and motorcycle traffic 24 hours a day.

The emergency services will get through

There are separate arrangements for all emergency service vehicles during the championships, and the emergency services will reach all houses and districts.

Public transport

Most bus lines to and from Bergen city centre will be affected during the cycling championships. During the 08.30–19.00 closure period, the buses will run to and from Bergen bus station and not through the city centre. During the rest of the day the buses will run as normal; however with a few detours in the city centre on 14-25 September.

Throughout the entire championships, The Bergen Light Rail (Bybanen) will terminate at Nonneseter. The first stop heading out of the city centre will be the bus station (Bergen busstasjon). There will be extra departures for passenger ferries to Nordhordland and Askøy.

Skyss has an easy to read map of all of the lines during the cycling championships, and all of the timetables are updated in the Skyss app and on the journey planner.
See more at the Skyss website.


Extensive measures have been implemented to ensure the availability of health and care services and the general safety in the region during the event.

Contact information

Emergency medical assistance, dial 113

Bergen Accident and Emergency Department (Bergen legevakt),

Telephone 116 117 / + 47 55 56 87 60

The Accident and Emergency Department (legevakt) at Solheimsgaten 9 is accessible from the E39 motorway, is open around the clock and has expanded its capacity during the championships. District branches (Fana, Åsane and Loddefjord) are open as normal.

Read more about opening hours and services (Norwegian only)

Temporary accident and emergency stations

Stations have been set up in city centre. Their first priority will be to assist the ambulance service and the emergency medical service with serious incidents and to render support to the home care service. They can receive patients in the event of acute illness.

Telephone 116 117 / + 47 55 56 87 60

Opening hours 16–24 September: 08.00–19.00 (16 September: 08.00–15.00)

  • Ny-Krohnborg school
  • Sandviken medical centre (weekdays 08.00–15.00)
  • Ladegården Nursing Home (weekdays 15.00-19.00, weekends as the others)
  • Ulriken community centre (bydelssenter)
  • Helsetorget medical centre in the city Centre
  • The military bases at Vågsallmenningen and Koengen

First aid

There will be first aid stations in the city centre during the entire time that the event is being held in the city. They will be located at Byparken, Torgallmenningen, Torget, Bryggen, Skolten and by Grieghallen, concert hall.

Doctor (fastlege)

If you are ill and it is difficult for you to reach your regular doctor, you can visit the regular GP’s centre that is nearest you. Note: we urge you to ensure that prescriptions and sick notes are collected prior to the start of the cycling championships.

Cultural program for spectators

Spectators may experience the highlights of the race for free at multiple locations along the courses. Cultural events and entertainment are offered every day. Thursday 21 September there will be a cycling-for-all event where you can test ride the official UCI Road World Championship course. Read more on Bergen2017

More information about road restrictions

Some areas of central Bergen are more affected than others. An extensive online map has been made to illustrate the consequences of road closures, covering a larger area of the city.

Map showing the most affected areas

The map explained:

  • Blue zone (follow the map link).
    The area will be completely closed off around the clock during the championships. It is not possible to drive in or out during this period. Pedestrians and bicyclists will be ushered across closed roads.
  • Red zone (follow the map link).
    The area will be completely closed when the course is blocked off between 08:30 and 19:00. It is not possible to drive in or out during the period. Pedestrians and bicyclists will be ushered across closed roads.
  • Orange zone (follow the map link).
    The area is significantly affected. Driving to and from the area is not advised. Although one can drive in and out of these zones, one cannot drive as normal. For example, in some places one can drive out of the zone, but not into it, or vice versa. In addition one must expect generally limited access. Pedestrians and bicyclists will be ushered across closed roads.
  • Yellow zone (follow the map link)
    The area is affected. Driving to and from the zone is not recommended. Although there will be access to these zones, conditions will not be normal. In addition one must expect generally limited access. Pedestrians and bicyclists will be ushered across closed roads.

More information from the Bergen Municipality (in Norwegian): www.bergen.kommune.no/sykkel-vm