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Camping and outdoor life

Useful information concerning camping, open fire and dog parks in and around Bergen.

Camping in parks and the public space

During the 2017 UCI Road World Championships it is not permitted to sleep/put up tents in parks or other public spaces.

Camping in the mountains surrounding the city of Bergen

During the World Championships it is not allowed to put up tents in the Fløyen area or within catchment areas of drinking water.


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Barbecues in parks and the Fløyen area

Open fires or barbecues are prohibited in the period of April 15th to September 15th. However, you may utilize approved public barbecue and campfire fireplaces. If you bring your own portable grill, you must use it at public barbecue and campfire fireplaces, or place it at gravel, not on tables, benches or lawns, in order to avoid scorches.

Keep your dog on a leash

Dogs must always be leashed in Bergen:

  • In the city centre
  • In all public parks outside the city centre between 7:30 and 20:00
  • In all public churchyards, cemeteries and urn cemeteries
  • At all schools, kindergartens and play areas
  • At all sports facilities designated by sign as an on-leash area
  • On the developed hiking trail and its associated camping- and picknicking sites as well as other marked hiking trails.

Dog parks in Bergen

There are three dog parks in Bergen where dogs can run freely without being kept on a leash. These are located

  • On the south side of Tveitevannet
  • At Tennebekk by the entrance to Kanadaskogen , from Loddefjord
  • On the south side of Liavatnet in Åsane