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The central parts of Bergen are divided into residential zones. Residents whose addresses in the National Population Registry (Folkeregisteret) fall within these zone boundaries can purchase resident parking.

How it works

  • The central parts of Bergen are divided into residential zones. Residents whose addresses in the National Population Registry (Folkeregisteret) fall within these zone boundaries can purchase resident parking permit card. Permits can be issued only for the zone corresponding to your permanent residential address and is valid only within that specific area.
  • Businesses located within residential zones may apply for parking permits.
  • Visitors to the residential zones can pay for parking via app or at the nearest parking ticket machine.

In order to apply for a resident parking permit, you must:

  • Be registered in the National Population Registry (Folkeregisteret) with residential address in the zone you are applying a parking permit for.  The address in your application form must correspond with your registered address in the National Population Registry (Folkeregisteret). Students and commuters are obligated to provide a tenancy agreement. Students must   also attach a valid student card or proof of a paid semester fee.
  • The vehicle you are applying permit for, must be  registered in your name. Exemption can be granted if you have a rental car or a leasing contract from a rental/ leasing company or a company vehicle.

NB! As of april 1. 2022 each household is entitled to a maximum of one parking space within the allocated residential parking zone.

Duration For Parking Permit

  • Resident permit card is valid for 6 months, from the 1st of April to the 1st of October
  • You prepay for your permit.

Where Does A Residential Parking Permit Apply?


  • Resident parking permit card applies only in the zone as shown on the permit. (Residents parking permit cards apply only in the zones specified.)
  • Residential zoned parking regulation applies on weekdays between 0800-2300, and on Saturdays between 0800-1700. The regulation does not apply on Sundays and public holidays. N.B. In residential zone 1, the regulation applies 24 hrs – 7 days of the week.
  • Residents parking permit does not apply in designated areas with parking ticket machines.


Motorcycles And Scooters

Parking sign

Owners of two-wheeled motorcycles and scooters do not need a Residents parking permit. 

Electric Vehicles

In accordance with the new regulation, from October 1 visitors with hybrid and electric cars in zones 8-29 must pay for parking. The price is NOK 20 per hour.



How To Apply For A Resident Permit

To apply for a resident parking permit, you must fill out an electronic form (only available in norwegian). New customers must create a user account, and returning customers must log in using their already existing user profile. If you need assistance in applying for a parking permit, please contact Bymiljøetaten on 55 56 56 90.

On the electronic form, you must specify  the residential zone of your residence,  and provide your vehicle’s registration number. You must also attach a copy of your vehicle’s registration document and an ID e.g. a driving licence. 

When Do I Receive My Resident Parking Permit 

  • Once your form and payment are received, if complete, your application will be processed. 
  • The permit is valid only for the vehicle it is issued to and for the zone specified in the application. (You are responsible for ensuring that your vehicle has a valid residential zone card, at all times.)

Temporary Resident

Are you a student or a commuter? You must then provide a tenancy agreement/a receipt for   paid utility / phone / Internet bill or other residency proof. Students are also obligated to provide a valid student card and a receipt for the paid semester fee. 


A business that applies for a parking zone card must be registered at the Brønnøysund Register Centre and have its operation address within the residential zone. When applying for a resident parking permit, the company must prove  a genuine need for the permit being applied for. The company must also document that the vehicle  is registered in the business’ name. 

N.B. Companies are not allowed to apply for resident permit card for zone 1.

What Is My Responsibility As APermit Card Holder?

  • It is your  responsibility to ensure that your vehicle  has a valid resident parking permit at all times.
  • Resident parking permit is valid for six months, from April 1st to October 1st. It is your responsibility to ensure that payment is made before the expiration date of your permit, and that the information you have provided on the application is true and correct.
  • In accordance with the Norwegian Road Traffic Act (Vegtrafikkloven) regulations, you have a duty to observe the parking signs in the area in which you find yourself at any given time.

Do You Need Help With Your Application?

If you need assistance in applying for a parking permit, please contact Bymiljøetaten on 55 56 56 90.

Visitor Parking In Residential Zones

Residential zone regulations apply from Monday to Friday between 08.00 and 23.00, and on Saturdays between 08.00 and 17.00. Visitors can park for free outside these hours. Different rules apply in different residential zones, please find what applies in the zone you are visiting below:

  • In zone 1 (Center of the city) only residents with parking permits are eligible to park. The regulation applies 24 hrs – 7 days of the week. Exemptions are granted for people with disabilities (information only available in Norwegian). 
  • In zones 2-7, guests can purchase a temporary parking permit from a parking ticket machinelocated at Nøstetorget, or park at the designated areas by the parking ticket machines. Parking ticket machines at Nøstetorget will be removed when revised residential parking regulations come into effect in 2022, with transition period running until April the 1st. Which means that the new regulations will not be enforced until April the 1st.
  • In zones 8-30 you can pay for parking with «P i Bergen» app or at parking ticket machines located in the zone you  intend to park.
  • On streets with “residents reserved parking only” sign, you cannot park without a valid residential parking permit.
  • More information about payment in different residential zones can be found in the Residential Zones Map. 

Visitor Parking Prices

An overview of prices and payments for visitor parking can be found at the webpage Parking in Bergen (information only available in Norwegian). 

Overview Of Residential Zones And Prices

Bergen currently has 30 zones, and more are planned in the upcoming years. When introducing a new residential zone, a notification is sent to residents approx. one month prior to the scheduled date for the launching of a new zone. 

Open map with more information about the Residential Zones 

Prices For Residents Permit Card

6-months permit card

  • Resident permit card is valid for 6 months and must be renewed within April the 1st and October the 1st. The fee must be paid in advance. You have the responsibility to ensure that your vehicle has a valid resident parking permit card at all times.
  • Zone 1-8 : First vehicle – NOK 3036. Second vehicle – NOK 4554
  • Zone 12-30: First vehicle – NOK 2280. Second vehicle – NOK 3420
  • Residents parking permit card for companies NOK 8400

An Overview Of Invoices

For a complete overview of your invoice, please log into your account in Parka.

Price For Visitor Parking

Zone 1:

If you are planning on visiting city centre, we recommend you park your vehicle at Klostergarasjen or Bygarasjen. On-street parking is possible only in designated areas with parking ticket machines, and the maximum parking time limit ranges between one to two hours.  You can pay for on-street parking with «P i Bergen» app or at parking ticket machines.

Two-wheel motorcycles, Four-wheel motorcycles / Motorized quadricycle must have a parking permit in zone 1(City Center).

Visitor Parking In Zones 2- 7:

You can purchase a temporary visitor-parking permit in zones 2-7 at the parking ticket machine located by the bicycle-parking house at Nøstetorget. Minimum purchase is for 1 day, you can also purchase multiday parking ticket or a one week card.The ticket is valid from the moment of purchase and cannot be used in designated areas with parking ticket machines in the city.

N.B. In accordance with the revised regulations regarding residential zones, the parking ticket machine at Nøstetoget will be removed.   As such, it will no longer be possible to purchase parking tickets in Zone 2-7.  The new regulations come into effect in February 2020, with a period of transition until October the 1st. The new regulation will not be enforced until April the 1st. 2021

If the parking ticket machine at Nøstetorget is out of order, you are required to find another legal parking alternative (in the parking garage)
Electric cars must have a residential zone card to park in residential zone 2-7. 

Visitors Parking In Zone 8-30 

Prices: NOK 20,- per hour and NOK 300,- per day.

Parking tickets can be purchased in «P i Bergen» app or at a parking ticket machine in the zone.

Ticket machines are located at the following places:

  • Zone 8: Mulen/ Persenbakken at the end stop of the Mule bus (at the end stop of Mule)
  • Zone 8: Amalie Skram's street (Amalie Skrams vei) by the NLA University College (NLA Høyskolen)
  • Zone 12: Gyldenprisveien and Bøhmergaten
  • Zone 16: Vis-à-vis the Fløibanen station in Fjellveien
  • Zone 16: In the Ole Irgens veg and Skansemyrsveien intersection
  • (There is no ticket machine in zone 17)
  • Zone 18: In the left part of the bus turnaround  area in Starefossveien
  • Zone 20: At the Stemmeveien and Bjørndalen intersection by  Trafo kiosk
  • Zone 21: At the Årstadgeilen and Fløenbakken intersection
  • Zone 24: Søndre Skogveien
  • Zone 25: Jonas Lies vei between Årstad Kirke and Klaus Hanssensvei
  • Zone 26: St.Olavs vei by the Haukelandshallen
  • Zone 28: In front of the Studentsamskipnaden building in Fridalsveien 22
  • Zone 29: Svaneviksveien at No. 1
  • Zone 30: Fridalsveien, Birkeveien og Fageråsveien


What Time Is The Parking Restriction Effective?

Residential zone regulations apply from Monday to Friday between 08.00 and 23.00, and on Saturdays between 08.00 and 17.00. It is free to park in the zones outside these hours.

In zone 1 (City Center) the restriction applies 24 hrs, 7 days of the week. 

What Do I Do If I Buy A New Vehicle?

If you have changed cars and live in residential zone  you must obtain an updated residential zone card.

If you are selling your car, and not buying a new one, you must submit your residential zone card within 8 days after selling your car. If you live in zone contact the customer centre on phone or email, as residential parking cards are electronic. Email: boligsone@bergen.kommune.no Phone: 55 56 56 90 

Can I Park With A Trailer In The Residential Zone?

Trailers can only be parked in the residential zone if they are attached to a car with a valid parking permit. We do not issue Parking permits in the residential zones for caravans and trailers.  

I Have Delivered My  Car To A Workshop And Borrowed/Rented A Car


Contact the customer centre on phone or email as the residential parking permits card for these zones are issued electronically. Email: boligsone@bergen.kommune.no Phone: 55 56 56 90 

I Have Moved To Another Residential Zone

If you have moved to another residential zone and need residential zone parking permit for the new zone, you must visit our customer centre at Johannes Bruns gate 12 with your present zone card and evidence for a change of address.

You must report a change of address within 8 days of moving. Please contact our customer centre on phone or email. 55 56 56 90 / boligsone@bergen.kommune.no

If you no longer wish to retain your Residential perking permit, please  send a notice to boligsone@bergen.kommune.no 

I Forgot My Username/ Password to log Into Publikumsportalen

Enter the phone number or email address under «Forgotten User ID/PIN». You will then receive an e-mail or message with your username and password.

Can I Stop In A Residential Zone For Unloading And Loading?

The regulation distinguishes between stopping and parking. Shortest possible stop for loading and unloading is allowed(cf. Section 1.1.k of Trafikkreglene). This means that if you e.g. are moving in / out of a house/apartment, you can stop in a residential zone and on the streets with “No parking” signs while loading and unloading is in progress.

Do I Need A Residential Parking Permit For A Motorcycle? 

Two-wheel motorcycles and mopeds do not need a parking permit. 

When Does A Residential Parking Zone Agreement Become Valid?

Residential parking zone agreement becomes valid when Bymiljøetaten has registered the payment. If you pay by online bank, it may take 1 to 3 business days before we receive the payment.

How Do I Cancel  My Residential Parking Permit?

Residential zones

If you live in the residential zones with electronic permission please contact our customer centre by e-mail or telephone to cancel the agreement. Email: boligsone@bergen.kommune.no. Phone: 55 56 56 90

We will refund the entire remaining period you have paid for.

Privacy notice

Information about data controller and contact information to our Data Protection Officer can be found on our page regarding privacy (in Norwegian only). Here you will also find more general information regarding your privacy.

When receiving an application regarding residential zoned parking, Bymiljøetaten has to identify the applicant in order to verify that the criteria have been met. In the application process we will ask for contact information, social security number and address. We also need this information to send invoice.

Data will be stored in our systems delivered by a third party, but it will not be used for any other purpose. The information will be stored for as long as the permit is valid. As local government it is our responsibility to handle this information in order to offer this service.

You can choose not to give any information, but you will then not be able to apply.

You can at any time withdraw your consent that Bergen municipality handle your personal information for this purpose, but such a withdrawal will result in termination of the permit.

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