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Interpretation and Presentation of World Heritage

Nordic World Heritage Conference 2015 – 20th anniversary 22th to 24th September 2015 The World Heritage Site Bryggen, Bergen, Norway

Interpretation and presentation has been recognized as an essential component of the overall process of cultural heritage conservation and management. Today, World Heritage properties clearly act as flagships for conservation worldwide. The question is if our World Heritage sites also are showcasing best practice regarding interpretation and presentation?

According to the World Heritage Convention each State Party has the primary duty of ensuring that its own natural and cultural heritage is presented and passed on to future generations. The Convention states that State Parties shall strengthen people’s appreciation and respect of the World heritage, and keep the public broadly informed of the dangers threatening world heritage sites and of the activities that take place to fulfil the Convention.

This conference will question how the State Parties can fulfil their obligations to communicate the story and motivation of the World Heritage convention and how the sites can contribute to implement the World Heritage convention.