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About us

Bergen Water and Wastewater Department is a municipally run utility responsible for the supply and treatment of drinking water and disposal of sewage in Bergen.

Phone: 55566000 / 55567815
Fax: 55566599
Mail: Postboks 7700, 5020 BERGEN

Our job is to ensure an adequate and sustainable supply of good quality drinking water to the people of Bergen. We also ensure that wastewater is handled in an environmentally sound matter. All activity is financed through water-and-wastewater collection fees.

Overall vision
Pure, clean water for all purposes.

Vision of health
The supply of drinking water, treatment of wastewater, and management of water resources must be done in such a way as to promote the health and welfare of all residents and visitors.

Vision for environment
A main goal is to avoid polluting the environment operating advanced treatment plants and a tight and well function disposal system. In addition we wish to raise public awareness through campaigns on properly disposal of poisonous substances, medical products and generally material and substances that may harm the environment or the sewage disposal system.

Vision for customer satisfaction
Water supply and wastewater collection and treatment must be carried out in such a way that the recipients of these services are satisfied and trust the municipality as the supplier of water and wastewater services.

Vision for renewal:
1 % of both water and sewerage pipes are to be renovated every year: 9 km of water pipes and 10-12 km of sewage pipes. It is a goal to make the rehabilitation process trenchless, using so-called NoDig-methods.

Key figures:
250,000 people served in Bergen
Water mains 900 km
Sewerage mains 1200 km
Yearly water demand 44 million cubic meters
30% of this demand is unaccounted for (leakage)