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Bergen and the world

The City of Bergen has an extensive international engagement, through its twin cities, membership of the West Norway Office in Brussels, networks and organisations, delegation visits and projects.

Bergen and the world bilde

Bergen and the Bergen Region have a long history as an international trading and shipping hub. This outward-looking tradition has strengthened the city as host to international cooperation and a diverse community development.

Businesses in Bergen are wide ranging, the art and cultural scene is vivid and varied, the academic and research institutions are held in high regard on the world stage and are in some areas world leaders within their respective fields.

Municipalities and regions are key players in the international committments enshrined in the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreeement. Integrating these committments into our own strategies will help to ensure that Bergen can actively contribute to achieving the objectives.

International relations affect all policy areas and all City Government departments. Our International Strategy shall contribute to better coordination of these efforts. The International Strategy is threefold: Bergen in the World, the World in Bergen and the internal coordination of the City of Bergen’s international aspirations. Bergen is open to the world, situated as it is with its back to the mountains and its gaze beyond the horizon.

International engagement

Bergen is represented in Brussels through the West Norway Office. The office's vision is to be an efficient, accessible, visible and useful tool to promote the members’ interests and to define West Norway as a region with strong economical and cultural ties.

Bergen has five twin cities in Europe and the US. The number two cities in the Nordic countries; Gothenburg in Sweden, Turku/Åbo in Finland and Aarhus in Denmark have been connected with Bergen since 1946. Bergen has also twin city agreements with Newcastle,UK and Seattle, US. There are strong historical ties with cities in the Hanseatic League, and Bergen has a formal friendship agreement with the city of Dalian in China.

Bergen is a member of a large number of international organisastions and networks, among them Eurocities, the Hansa League and The Organisations of World Heritage Cities. The full list can be found as an appendix of the international strategy.


If you are interested to find out more about our work or if you are interested in future collaboration, please dont hesitate to contact us,

International advisor Stine Mari Nytun Leirdal 
Email: stine.mari.leirdal@bergen.kommune.no
Visiting adress: Allehelgensgate 5, 5012 Bergen

International strategy