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The City Government bilde
The City Government from 29. October 2019.

The City Government

Bergen has a parliamentary model of government. The City Government is an executive body, which answers to the City Council, just as a national government answers to a national parliament.

The City Government consists of 7 members called Commissioners or Vice Mayors.

One does not need to be a member of the City Council to become a Commissioner. The Commissioners have a function similar to that of government ministers, and the Chief Commissioner/the Governing Mayor is the "Prime Minister" of Bergen.

The City Government is accountable to the City Council and dependent on its confidence. The City Council can vote to dismiss the City Government or some of the Commissioners by a vote of no confidence. Accordingly, the City Government or one or more of the Commissioners may choose to withdraw from office or demand a vote of confidence to go on.

The City Government runs the city administration, makes propositions to the City Council and is responsible for carrying out decisions made by the City Council. The City Government also has the authority to make its own decisions on various issues.

Every Commissioner is the political leader of a department, which is comparable to a government ministry. The departments oversee the city's administration and services.

The present City Government is a coalition between the Labour Party, the Green Party, the Liberal Party and the Christian Democrats.


A presentation of the members of the City Government: