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Winter at Bryggen
Winter at Bryggen
Bilde: Kari Ingvaldsen

Visit Bergen

Bergen - a city to experience

What has made Bergen known around the world is its charm and atmosphere. It really has to be experienced! Bergen is worth exploring. Wander along the Fish Market and mingle with the masses as they go about their daily life. Stroll leisurely to the Aquarium to see the fish, the penguins, and the seals. Walk the length of Bryggen to the old fortress of Bergenhus. Get to the top of Mount Fløyen (town centre funicular), or Ulriken, or any of the seven mountains that ring the city. If you travel with children bring them to VilVite - our new discovery centre of science and technology for children and young people from ages 0 to 100.

Bergen - The Gateway to the Fjords

Bergen is surrounded by one of the world’s most spectacular tourist attractions – The Norwegian Fjords. Bergen is the gateway to the fjords – it’s the fjords’ “capital city”. The fjords around Bergen are many and varied. Whether you have only time for a short sightseeing trip, whether you want to see the area in more detail, there are plenty of tours in and around Bergen to provide you with unforgettable memories. This makes Bergen the ideal stepping-stone to a Kingdom of Fjords.

Welcome to Bergen!

If you need information about accomodation, attractions, brochures etc. we recommend the following sites above or you can send an e-mail to info@visitbergen.com

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