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National Infection Control Measures - updated 19th

The Norwegian Government is generally continuing the strict infection control measures to prevent a new wave of infections but is easing some measures for children and young people

COVID-19 – illness, testing and medical assistance for coronavirus

Information about infection prevention measures, symptoms, testing and where to get medical assistance.

Coronavirus vaccine - information for the public

The main goal of the coronavirus vaccine is to protect the lives and health of those most at risk for COVID-19 disease.

Information to travellers arriving Bergen

Testing is mandatory for travellers arriving Bergen from an area with quarantine duty. If you arrive from a destination in Norway, we also recommend you to get tested.

Information for parents during COVID-19 – School procedures at yellow level

The Government has categorized the coronavirus pandemic into three different levels: red, yellow and green. We're now at the yellow level.

Quarantine and Isolation Rules

You will be put into quarantine if you are healthy but have been exposed to the risk of infection.

Informasjonsvideoer om testing, isolasjon og nærkontakter på flere språk

Papillion har laget informasjonsvideoer om koronatest, isolasjon og nærkontakter/Here are videos in different languages about testing, isolation and close contacts.

Information brochures about coronavirus in different languages

Information brochures on coronavirus in five different lanuages are available for reading and printing on our web-pages. The languages are: English, Polish, Somali, Arabic and Tigrinja.

Multilingual video campaign about the coronavirus

It is necessary that as many people as possible get information about the coronavirus. Here are videos in different languages about the importance of the measures against coronavirus.

Advice for Preventing Coronavirus Infection in different languages

Here is some advice on how to avoid coronavirus infection and information on testing and where to get help (in English, Arabic, Tigrinja, Somali and Polish).