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Gradual Reopening of Schools in Bergen

From Tuesday, May 12, schools will reopen for 7th and 10th grade pupils. The remaining grades will resume from Thursday, May 14. Some pupils will need to continue home schooling a few days a week.

How we track the corona virus - and are testing even more people

When a child or adult tests positive for the corona virus, it is important to find out who the person has been in close contact with promptly in order to prevent further spread of the infection.

Information about School and SFO routines

On Monday, primary schools will open for levels 1 to 4. Everyday life for pupils will be slightly different, but with good infection control measures, it will be safe to return to school again.

New Kindergarten Routines After Reopening

Bergen Municipality has drawn up procedures and guidelines for kindergartens in Bergen based on the national guidelines for infection control measures in kindergartens.

Kindergartens and Schools Will Open Gradually from April 20

In accordance with national determinations, Bergen Municipality will reopen kindergartens on Monday, April 20 and primary schools and SFO for levels 1-4 on Monday April 27.

5 Tips for Maintaining Wellbeing in the New Normal - different languages

Read advice from the municipality’s psychologists and public health advisors on good physical and mental health. Information in English, Arabic, Somali, Polish, Lithuanian and Tigrinja.

Advice for Preventing Coronavirus Infection and Where to Get Help

Here is some advice on how to avoid coronavirus infection, and information on quarantine rules, testing and where to get help (in English, Arabic, Tigrinja, Somali and Polish).

Five simple everyday rules for preventing the spread of the coronavirus

VIDEO: (Subtitles in English, Polish, Lithuanian, Solmali and Arabic). A number of restrictions have been introduced to prevent and delay the spread of corona. Here are five simple tips.

Multilingual video campaign about the coronavirus

It is necessary that as many people as possible get information about the coronavirus. Here are videos in 25 different languages about the importance of the measures against coronavirus.

Four respiratory clinics open in Bergen

Video: (Subtiles in English, Lithuanian, Somali, Arabic and Polish.) The clinics are placed in four districts in Bergen for patients with respiratory symptoms who need to be examined by a doctor.