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Multilingual video campaign about the corona virus

It is necessary that as many people as possible get information about the corona virus. Here are videos in 20 different languages about the importance of the measures against corona virus.

Outdoor Activity Rules in Bergen

VIDEO: (Subtitles in English, Polish, Lithuanian, Somali and Arabic). We encourage you to follow five simple outdoor activity rules to avoid the risk spreading the coronavirus.

Kindergartens, Schools and Educational Institutions Will Continue to Remain Closed

In order to limit the spread of the coronavirus, all schools, kindergartens and educational institutions have been closed since March 12. The closure has been extended until, and including April 13.

Letter to the citizens of Bergen

Information in English, Arabic, Spanish, Polish, Somali, Lithuanian and Tigrinya. Letter to the citizens of Bergen from the mayor and chief commissioner.

Five simple everyday rules for preventing the spread of the coronavirus

VIDEO: (Subtitles in English, Polish, Lithuanian, Solmali and Arabic). A number of restrictions have been introduced to prevent and delay the spread of corona. Here are five simple tips.

How to prevent transmission of the coronavirus

Information in English: Preventing transmission is important to slow down the infection rate.

Advice and information to the public

Information in English: Advice and information from Norwegian Institute of Public Health to the public about the coronavirus.