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Have you received a parking fine, a control sanction or a studded tire fine and wish to appeal it? You can file a complaint within three weeks of receiving the charge. You can file a complaint within three weeks of the fine’s issue date.

Below is an overview of different types of fees imposed by the municipality: 

  • Control sanction NOK 330. Sanction imposed in case of missing documentation. It refers to an el-vehicle, parked without a valid ticket, or parking /clock disc in a fee-based parking space, or parked where one do not have valid permission, or parked on reserved parking (e.g. customer, visitor, guest, employee).
  • Control sanction NOK 660. Sanction imposed in case of parking violations such as missing payment or parking beyond the permitted time period. 
  • Control sanction NOK 990. Sanction imposed in case of parking in a disabled parking spot/space without valid permission. 
  • Parking fee NOK 900. Imposed in case of violation of the Regulations on Vehicular and Pedestrian Traffic (Traffic Rules), the Norwegian Road Traffic Act or Regulation on Public Traffic Signs, Road Markings, Traffic Signals and Directions (Sign Regulations), such as illegal parking or stopping on/at places where official signs prohibit parking or stopping.
  • Additional studded tire penalty NOK 750.  Imposed when the fee for  studded tires has not been paid.

Please note that the deadline for payment on the parking fee or additional studded tire fee applies even if you have filed a complaint. If you have received a control sanction, we will stop the collection of payment until you have received a response to your complaint. Information about the type of penalty/charge you have received can be found on the penalty charge notice itself.

To complain, use the electronic complaint form. The form consists of four steps.

1. Enter the vehicle registration number ("bilkjennemerke") and case number ("saksnummer"  listed on the sanction.

2. Information about the complainer: In this column, you will enter information about yourself. In order for you to receive a reply electronically, it is important that you enter your correct e-mail address.

3. Description of the complaint: Here you will give a clear description of your complaint.

4. Attachments and a bank account number. Enter your bank account number to which any eventual refund will be transferred. Here you can upload up to three attachments. When you press «ferdig», the complaint is submitted. After submission, a window will open on your screen to  notify you that your complaint has been received.

Complaints are reviewed on an on-going basis. Normally, you should receive a response within 3-5 weeks. 

What is my responsibility as a driver? What are my duties as a driver? 
As a driver you are obliged to make yourself acquainted with the parking regulations. You also have a strict duty of care, and you must observe the signs set up in the area in which you find yourself at any given time. 

Rules worth remembering:
The signs are applicable to the permitted direction of the traffic, and becomes effective after passing the sign

  • When using the “Parkering i Bergen” app, please cross-check that you have entered the correct registration number of your vehicle, and make sure that you have chosen the correct zone.

All information about payment can be found on the penalty charge notice. Here you can find KID-number (customer identification number), account number and payment deadline.

In case of delayed payment of the parking fine or studded tire fine, the penalty fee increases by 50%. For delayed payment on the  control sanction, you will be charged  a late payment fee.

Information about data controller and contact information to our Data Protection Officer can be found on our page regarding privacy (in Norwegian only). Here you will also find more general information regarding your privacy.

When receiving a parking ticket complaint, Bymiljøetaten has to identify the sender and the vehicle in question in order to verify that we are communicating with the correct person. When submitting a complaint, we will be asking for: name, ticket number, the registration plate number of the vehicle, and your contact information.

Your personal information will be stored in our systems delivered by a third party, but it will not be used for any other purpose than to handle the complaint and to collect the claim. As local government it is our responsibility to handle your personal information. Should the ticket not be paid, the ticket information will be transferred to ParkTrade in Sweden in order to collect the claim. ParkTrade will then receive information about when the ticket was issued, photos of the vehicle and registration plate number.

You can choose not to give any information, but you will then not be able to submit your complaint. You can request to see what personal information we handle, and can ask to have it corrected if there is an error by contacting the Urban Environment Agency (Bymiljøetaten).

You may also have the right to have your personal information deleted. If you feel the municipality processes information about you that is not necessary, you can request to have it deleted. This does not apply if the information has to be stored in accordance with other legislation, such as the law regarding archiving. The Urban Environment Agency will make an assessment in each specific case.

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